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Community Supported Agriculture Share

 Weekly vegetable basket

Grocery share and regular share are 16 weeks

bi - weekly 8 weeks, Salad subscription 10 weeks 

Pick up dates start at end of June till Middle of October

CSA members create a shared  link with the Farmers of Food Yard.

Buy local

When your household purchases a CSA basket you are making a commitment to Food Yard. The pre-order removes some of the financial pressure helping Food Yard purchase beginning season items including compost, seeds and tools.

A CSA share creates an understanding between the member and Food Yard. Farming is completely at the whim of nature for better or worse. When there is a bumper crop members will receive more produce. In challenging years some produce will be limited due to factors outside the control of the farmer. We aim to give you an extra 10% in your baskets when times are good!

We have two, 3 season greenhouses to deal with some challenges that mother nature bring us.

Produce for 2022

2022 Produce Varieties:

tomatoes (large and cherry), cucumbers, peppers (red, yellow, roasting, jalapeños), garlic, carrots, kale, broccoli, onions (green, yellow and red), beets (purple and golden) basil, thyme, summer squash (yellow, green), parsley, green leafy lettuce heads, delicate squash, sugar snap peas, beans, oregano,  salad mixed bags, spinach, cilantro, arugula, chard, raspberries, watermelon, butternut squash. cauliflower, kohlrabi, asparagus, garlic scapes, celerycantaloupe

Included in Full Share:

Local Maple Syrup and Honey

Is Food Yard Certified Organic?

Food Yard is not certified organic. Although following all organic practices we have researched. 

Food Yard has chosen to avoid this extra certification cost at this point till we can justify the additional overhead. We feel it is more important to know who grows your food and be able to ask them questions face-to-face. We want you to know how we grew your produce.

unable to make the pick-up time?

Pick - up times are Sunday Mornings, If you are unable to pick up your basket please try to send someone on your behalf. We understand that life happens and we can set aside your veggies for 24 hours. Please email if the challenge arises.

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