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Starting at the beggining of July, This 8-week bi-weekly basket is perfect for those who want to choose their local produce . Other goodies included are local maple syrup, local honey and sought after produce every few weeks. The basket will include 6 - 8 produce of your choice.


By supporting our market garden, you are helping to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices and enjoying the best that nature has to offer. Place your order today and look forward to receiving your weekly bountiful basket of farm-fresh goodness.


An e-mail with all vegetables that are available will be sent. We ask that you fill out and return your order 2 days before your basket pick-up day. starting at the end of June.


Pick-ups times

Saturdays 9:00a.m. - 12 (noon)

Sunday  9:00a.m. - 12 (noon)

Wednesday 4:15p.m. - 7:00p.m.


Community Supported Agriculture

CSA member create a shared  link with the Farmers of Food Yard. When there is a bumper crop members will receive more produce. In challenging years some products will be limited due to factors outside the control of the farmer.

Grocery Bi-weekly share - 8 weeks

C$300.00 Regular Price
C$285.00Sale Price
  • CSA Grocery Basket Bi-weekly share is 8 alternating weeks which includes: your weekly custom order 6 - 8 produce, local maple syrup, and local honey.

  • Please read all criteria carefully before purchasing CSA Membership. By Purchasing this product you have agreed to all the policies outlined by the farmers below. If you agree with all terms, proceed to checkout. 

    CSA Memberships

    I understand and agree that when I purchase a CSA Membership I am making a commitment to remember my delivery day. 

    I understand and agree that there are no refunds available for our CSA memberships - all sales are final. I understand and agree that if I miss my basket, my produce will be donated after 24 hours and no refund will be issued. 

    I understand and agree that if I know I'm going to be away one week I will let my farmers know and make the proper arrangements ahead of time by arranging for a friend/family member to pick up

    I understand that my farmers are working in a time when climate is changing, can be unpredictable, and therefore the availability of the produce is weather dependant. If there is a crop failure(s) I understand that my basket(s) may be lighter or in extreme cases, may not be able to happen.

    Thank you for your understanding

    Jim Butterworth

    Food Yard Farmer

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